Sterazin – Parasiticide For the treatment of gill and body flukes, which cause fish to flick and scrape. Other symptoms include “Clubbed” gills, cloudy patches on fins / body, “yawning” & lethargy. Also treats internal worms. Does not harm fish, plants or filters. For use in seawater, tropical freshwater and coldwater aquaria. Notes: Leave biological filtration running. Switch off u.v. sterilisers, ozonisers and remove zeolite & carbon before use. Contains colour dye, avoid contact with clothes and furnishings. NB. Do not use simultaneously with other medications, allow at least 48 hours to elapse when changing treatments. Do not use in aquariums containing crustaceans, echinoderms, rays, seawater sharks, piranha, sturgeon, sterlets or related species. When using undergravel, internal or external power filtration use the standard dose. Half dose for other filtration, in new aquaria, if sensitive species or if fry are present. Calculate aquarium capacity: For litre – (L x W x D) in cms divide by 1000. Allow for water displaced by rocks etc. Directions: Tighten cap & shake bottle. Use the cup to measure the correct dose from table. Frequency of Treatment: Use on days: 1,3,6,8 & 10.