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Marine and tropical fish specialists



We Assist in problem solving by visiting your home or office and help you to find solutions for any problems in your aquarium. Whether it is fish diseases that needs to be treated or hardware related queries. If for any reason you need an aquarium built bigger than standard glass sheets, we will consult with the various acrylic aquarium builders to ensure the best quality and price.

Custom Built Aquariums

We understand that the standard size aquarium is not always suitable for customers, that is why we assist in designing, building and installing your dream aquarium. We also do repairs on all sizes of aquariums and we can also replace cracked or scratched panes and even re seal your aquarium.

Fish Imports

By importing fish directly we ensure good healthy live stock straight from the exporters. Currently we receive imports from various countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, etc. We are also able to source rare species of fish that is not always available in South Africa.


When you are in need of some of our fish or hardware and can not visit us, we courier via air freight or overnight courier to you. All inquiries can be sent to for assistance


Pet Stop SA was established in the year 2000. We grew from a shop that was about 60 square meters to 277 square meters. Our tropical department has 62 aquariums with a total water volume of 11 000 liters. Rasta is the person in charge of this department. Our marine department consists of 26 aquariums with a total water volume of 9000 liters. Eliah is the go to guy in the marine department.

We have a team of three people that only manufacture aquariums on a daily basis. These guys are busy every day and luckily for us they don't have a single day that they say they don't have any work to do.

We are truly blessed with the support we get from all our customers country wide. Pet Stop SA couriers live stock all over the country, either via air freight or if you are close enough via overnight courier.

We are a dedicated team that believes that every customer must be treated with dignity and respect. We also pride ourselves that we are truthful to customers and will never give false information to any customer.


  • Rietfontein Pavilion Centre
  • Corner Jacobs street and 15th avenue Rietfontein Pretoria

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New Livestock


Indonesia 2021-04-14

bi colour angel
black combtooth blenny
Blonde naso tangs
Blue green chromis
blue leg hermit crab
blue tang
blue/red tuxedo urchin
cardinal fish
cleaner wrasse
copperband butterfly
Hucht's anthias
magnificent anemone
sand sifting sea star
six lined wrasse
striped rock blenny

Tropical 2021-04-14

Glowlight tetra
Neon tetra
Ghost x ray tetra
Albino widow
Kerri tetra
Flame tetra
Columbian tetra
White clouds
Golden cloud
Blue danio
Neon green widow
Red widow
Guppy males

Current livestock

Current livestock
Tropical Stock 2021-03-27

Apist double red
Sterbai Cory
Pygmy cory
Cardinal tetra
Glowlight tetra
Flame tetra
Black emperor tetra
Emperoro tetra
White clouds
Serpae tetra
Head and tail lights
Black widows
Silver tips tetra
Black neon tetra
Guppy males
Guppy females
Bloodfin Rasbora
Koi angels
zebra angels
Black angels
Tinfoil Barbs
Red rainbow
Rummy nose tetra
Golden gourami
Red tail black shark
Bala sharks
Peacock malawis
Honey gourami
Paradise gourami
Redline torpedo barbs
Columbian tetra
Ghost x rays
Rosy fin tetra
African jewels
Banded knife fish

Marine stock  2021-03-27

Yellow tang
Spotted grouper
Fire gobies
Cleaner wrasse
Six line wrasse
Picture wrasse
Sailfin tang
Threadfin butterfly
Raccoon butterfly
Sand sifting goby
Eibli tang
Vlamingi tang
Dragon wrasse
Emperor angel
Bristle tooth tang
Saddled toby
Naso tang
Matara wrasse
Blue-green chromis
Tomato clown
Fire shrimp
Cleaner shrimp
Sand dollar
Red tooth trigger
African clown
Camel shrimp
Yellow fin angel
Mini carpet anemone
Frogspawn corals
Hammer corals
Torch corals
Mushroom corals
Open brain corals
Finger leather corals